Know more about Jailbreak IOS 12

Jailbreak IOS 12

IOS 12 is recently introduced by the apple. The update gives the number of advantages to the users. But like all other apps update they also have some drawbacks. According to the apple the abilities of this IOS 12 is to make device augmented reality applications. Eventually the AR apps building options in iOS 12 can really make the interactive technology much more useful and prominent in the society.

Without a new hardware

By the launch of IOS 12 there were many people who were thinking that they will get to see the new hardware with this but unfortunately that was not the case. They have even imagined that a new version of potentially equipped iPhone or a cheaper version of home pod speaker. Well the people who were waiting for the new iPhone with showing of the all new features of technology are little disappointed as apple did launched lots of features in the system but without a new hardware

Jailbreak 12 has time management and productivity features

Jailbreak IOS 12

The users that are using these IOS device are meant to be thinking that they are spending lots of time on the phones well IOS 12 has a solution for this problem, this system update has an option of the part of screen time and that will be able to do the needful for the users.

With this system update if a user will take a lot of time working on a specific app the device will send you the notification regarding the time you are actually spending there.

The do not disturb app also get some update with the system which is generally helping people to maximize the productivity.

This helps a user to set the do not disturb mode which can be ended on a chosen time or location. And to the addition by setting the bedtime mode it will hide all other notifications from the lock screen. Which makes the incoming activities on your phone much lesser.

Home screen remains the same

There is always a detail debate amongst the users of these devices that which device is providing the best operating system amongst all. And it Is generally said that users are likely to appreciate the very small details in the operating system.

There is one drawback in this new launched operating system and that is according to the feedback and comments of the user that facility of changing the home screen is not a part of this updated system. Which means that it has not added any new feature to this are of the device, users are not able to change the home screen according to their wish. But this drawback has let the users left with the prominent possibility that apple will introduce a new feature very soon through which the home screens can be modified according to the wish of users.

IOS new speed performance

Jailbreak IOS 12

There are certain new and improved features in the operating system by the launch of IOS 12, which users are not likely to see immediately. They will take time to recognize these features such as the face recognition feature. The device with this new operating system is more likely to recognize two face to unlock the device instead of one, much more improved battery usage, and of course the people who have just updated their system with this new operating system they are more likely to realise that the new IOS 12 has a new improved speed and it is much more faster than the older operating system.

It is to be said that the devices which were made before 2012 are not likely to perform with the new launched operating system but here this problem has been solved as the  IOS 12 is said  to be supportive on those devices too which were made before 2012. Which means that users really don’t have to worry about purchasing a new device immediately if they want to experience the new operating system. All these advantages and disadvantages of the new operating system of IOS will help the user to choose whether they want to update their device or not.

Jailbreak IOS 12

It is too early to comment on the jailbreak of the new launched operating system IOS 12. As the jailbreak for this operating system is not released world-wide yet. Still there are some methods on the internet which are suggesting the ways one can jailbreak this new operating system. There are many semi untethered and based on IPA method which people are suggesting to get into this operating system too. As many of the jailbreak recent apps have these features in common, so until and unless a public jailbreak is not officially launched till then users can download the jailbreak app and use these features only to jailbreak the new operating system ISO 12

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