How To Use An Online Notepad For Easy Note-Taking

Online notes sharing

If you’re anything like me, it feels quite liberating to be able to take your notes straight onto the computer with a simple notepad. That way you can type them up later without having to worry about handwriting or old-fashioned pen and paper. It also means that you can add pictures and videos of what is going on as well as links if they are important. Here are ways to use an online notepad with password for easy note-taking:

Make a good name

Make sure that your notepad is easy to search for by using simple and clear names. You don’t want to end up searching for hours or even days looking for the one you want. Keep your notepad simple and easy to read. This will reduce the amount of time it takes you to find what you want.

Keep your notes organized

It’s a good idea to keep your notepad the same way. So if you decide on a certain layout for your notes, use it regularly. Also, when you have several notes on one subject, it can be easier to find them all at once when they are in the same location.

Change the background

Many people like to keep their note-taking simple by using a plain white background. However, it can be quite boring if you don’t change it every now and then. So why not change the background or make your notes into a different shape? This will make it more interesting and you won’t get bored as quickly.

Back up the important ones

As well as keeping your notes in one place, keep your important notes in two places – like on a memory stick or another hard drive. This way you can always have a copy just in case something happens with one of them.

Make it your own

If you want to keep your notes to yourself, then why not make them private? Why let anyone else view them, if you don’t want them to? By changing their privacy settings, you can keep your notes secret.

Keep learning

Don’t just take notes from the same classes all of the time. Try to learn something new every now and again. Make sure that some of your notes are about new things like a hobby or another subject that you are interested in.

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