Why go for a baby hamper

newborn hamper singapore

Baby hampers are mostly a combo of several newborn essentials. From cute little clothing, bath essentials, feeding essentials to diapering essentials. They are crucial things required while caring for a newborn. These things will not only promote a healthy atmosphere for the baby but will also solve a lot of difficulties faced by the new parents.

And, guess what? Some of these hampers also come with necessities for the lactating mother. Not to forget the mother, who has just delivered a new life, needs some good care, as well. They also come in cute decorative packaging that will make you adore them even more.

Some baby hampers that you may gift

Yes, shopping for a newborn could get bewildering. You might find everything in a baby shop very attractive and functional at the same time. Then, why gift them a single item? Why not an assortment of several nursery requisites? Here are a few new born essentials that you can assemble for a newborn hamper singapore.

  • A romper or bodysuit,
  • A mitten,
  • A plush toy,
  • A rattle,
  • A bib,
  • A crib mobile,
  • A teether,
  • A milk bottle,
  • A milk powder container,
  • A pair of baby socks, and others.
  • Presentation matters – make a point to have a nice packaging for the aesthetic feel of the gift, which is otherwise an incomplete one.

That is not the end. Some hampers come with personalized products. You can engrave the baby’s name on them or even a short text. How about a personalized romper with the baby’s name in cute fonts? Or, a personalized text on some other item, like a decorative balloon?

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