Tandem kayaks: For an amazing kayaking experience

amazing kayaking experience

Kayaking is a popular water sport and a trending recreational activity for many around the world.

kayaking in the calm waters of lakes and rivers is a delightful pastime for many couples. There are also the adrenaline junkies who kayak through violent rapids and steep canyons. Over time, kayaking has proved to be one terrific hobby you can pursue for relaxing your mind and for the exercise of your body. Akin to ordinary kayaking, Tandem kayaking involves the participation of two or three people, seated on the same kayaks. Tandem kayaking is a rising trend these days due to the excitement it brings to the occasion and the bonding formed between the partners. Parents can take their kids for a round trip to enjoy the beauty of the waters and bring great amusement and pleasure in their life.

fibre kayaks

Tandem kayaks are easily available, at reasonable prices on the internet as well as at all the leading sports stores across the globe. These kayaks are made for two or three passengers and require harmonious paddling for the most efficient motion. However, with the freedom of movement improved design features for the security of the paddler, it is easy even if you are a beginner, to row with great effectiveness and satisfaction. One of the big reason many are getting interested in this watersports is this freedom to explore the nature and experience the sense of pride and courage associated with it. The social side of tandem kayaking as said before is that it also brings forth the sense of joy and laughter among the participants which brings a lot of involvement to the group.

Efficient paddling of a Tandem Kayak only requires some simple skills. As the name of the kayak suggests, the best forward motion of the kayak requires paddling in tandem. With syncronised pulls, you can achieve exceptional speeds. Both the front paddler and the rear paddler plays important role in the motion of the kayak. It is the rear paddler’s duty to steer the kayak to the desired direction. This is done by of performing a backstroke on the side you wish to steer the kayak to.

If you are planning to get yourself a tandem kayak, go ahead and do a bit of research on the internet to find the type that is convenient for your requirements. Kayaks are available as the inflatable type and sturdy design that is made of plastic, fibreglass or even carbon fibres. Inflatable ones are cheaper compared to formed plastic or fibre kayaks. But these kayaks will easily last for years without any damages and can be assured to be an asset to your collection.

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