Pass that Dreaded Test with the help of the Macujo Method

types of drug test

Even if the use of marijuana, either medicinal or recreational, is legal in most states, most companies are still strict about it. They don’t want their employees to use these kinds drugs because they don’t want their work to be affected. Marijuana can either make you productive or suck your energy. What employers don’t want is the latter. This is the reason why they always screen their employees by making them get a drug test. This is only fair but to those that don’t want to lose both their jobs and their freedom to smoke, this is a huge problem.

effective ways to rid your hair follicles

There are many types of drug test but the usual one is by urine drug testing. And there are many ways to avoid that. But if your boss makes you get a hair follicle drug test, this is where you need to take it seriously. That is because there’s almost no way for you to not get caught. The metabolites of THC can stay in your hair for 90 days. And you will test positive unless you learn the most effective way of stripping your hair off of the THC. Visit to know more everything about this kind of problem.

How they catch you through hair follicle tests

Hair drug tests are not used to know if a person is using marijuana. It is originally intended to know if a person is using hardcore drugs such as cocaine and meth. They will get a sample of your hair either from your head or your bodies like armpits and chest. They will then test the hair if there are still concentrations of THC-COOH which is a metabolite of THC. 1.5 inches of hair will be cut off from the root and this will reveal if you have smoked the past 90 days.

The most effective cleaning technique

It is called the Macujo Method and has been circulating the internet since the early 2000s. I wasn’t really popular until someone experimented with it and have gotten great success. A lot of people have tried it out and about 90% of them have worked well. the remaining percentage just means that these people haven’t really followed the directions correctly. All in all, it is one of the most effective ways to rid your hair follicles of the THC metabolites.

How to do the Macujo Method

If you want to try this method, then you will need a few things first. These are the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, Shower caps, Goggles, Vinegar, Tide detergent liquid, and Salicylic acid shampoo. Then you can start by wearing the goggles to protect your eyes. Rinse your hair with a lot of warm water then apply the vinegar and salicylic shampoo. Wear the shower cap and let the mixture stay in your hair and follicles for 30 minutes. Remove the shower cap and rinse thoroughly. Use the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo twice in your hair. Last but not the least, take the Tide detergent liquid and rinse your hair with it until it’s clean. You must do this for 7 days before the drug test. If the drug test is nearer than expected, do this method 4 times a day for at least 3 to 4 days.

The Macujo Method can damage your hair but it’s all worth it if you don’t want to get caught. Anyway, there are many vitamins for your hair to make it go back to its former glory. Just make sure that you follow the steps correctly to make sure that you pass that scary test.

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