Grelinette – A Smart Farmer’s Choice

Smart Farmer’s Choice

One of the key things that differentiates human beings from other animals is that human beings have passion. Apart from the regular work that a man does, he also does work that he is passionate about. Some are interested in collecting stamps or antiques, some are passionate about charitable works. Again some people are passionate about growing plants – they love gardening or farming. However, gardening or farming comes with its own set of challenges. One such challenge is to keep the soil suitable for farming when the farming season comes. Fortunately, a very simple tool exists that helps in fertilizing the soil. Read on to know more.

Traditionally, people used to till the soil before planting crops. However, today people are starting to realize that tilling actually lowers the quality of the soil. So what can be an alternate way to work the soil? Enter : Andre Grelinin. This man developed a tool that can be used to aerate the soil without harming it. The tool is known as grelinette. It’s popular name is broadfork. Today this tool is hugely popular among the farming community and can be easily bought from online stores like

Speciality of Grelinette

Unlike tiller, a broadfork or grelinette does not mix the topsoil and subsoil while aerating. How is that possible ? To understand that, one has to first know what a grelinette looks like. A grelinette has a horizontal bar with several tines. The bar has a handle on either side of it. To aerate the soil with the tool, one has to drive the pointy spikes of it into the soil and then he has to pull the handles downward. This makes airy channels inside the soil. And since it only loosens up the soil, there is no fear of mixing the topsoil and subsoil. A broadfork spares the worms residing underneath the topsoil from displacement. These worms help in fertilizing the soil and displacing them harms the soil.

Types of Grelinette

Types of Grelinette

There are many types of grelinette or broadforks. One has to examine his needs first and then buy it. If you visit sites like, you can see the various types of grelinettes being sold there. Each of them has unique qualities. Some of these grelinettes are listed below –

  1. Silverline 229673 Handmade garden cultivator – This is a four pronged grelinette with wich you can not only aerate the soil but can also turn it. Head L x W: 140 x 90mm.
  2. Spear & Jackson 81210 Rotating fork – Some say that a grelinette is useless in soils where there is clay. But with this, you can easily break clods.
  3. GC 820-06 Garden Claw – This can be used on a smaller scale. The handles are designed ergonomically.
  4. Spear & Jackson 81216 Biofurche 4 Teeth- This 4 pronged grelinette is helpful in working the soil without giving you any back pain or body aches.

Grelinette is a versatile tool that can be used in any soil condition. You will be surprised to know that such a useful tool does not cost a fortune. Visit the above mentioned website to get grelinette without burning a hole in your pocket.

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