Controlling Pet Impulse with the Help of a Flirt Pole 

Sometimes, puppies find it hard to control their excitement of playfulness. Whenever their humans walk them, they are not really satisfied with the activity as they want to do more than walking. Too much excitement or fun sometimes makes these pups lose their control.

It is with self-control issues which bring the creation of flirt poles. These are tools which gathered the attention of many dog owners who have impulsive pets as it helps their dogs control the action. There are pleasing things a Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole provides and this page delivers useful information.

Defining a Flirt Pole

A flirt pole, or which is also called as a flirt stick, is an exercise equipment made for dogs. What this equipment does is it captivates your furry best friend to chase a rapid moving lure. The lure offers a variety of designs which is constructed to what dogs are enticed to. Usually, the equipment is utilized for your dog’s exercise without getting yourself exhausted. Also, it helps in improving more of his skills to better more of his performance when you join him to dog competitions.

Options to Consider

Sellers offer different flirt pole styles. But aside from style, you need to check out other options for your purchase, such as:

o   Fleece Lure

There are two available lure colors offered by the Squishy Face Studio. These are blue and orange. Both of these colors have similar look. The only difference between them is the blue fleece lure do not have a squeaker while the orange one obtains it. As for these lures, they can all be replaced as well. A variety of combinations can be used up for it. 

o   Pole Length

When it comes to the length of the pole, it is best to check out the size of your dog’s play area first. This makes it much easier to identify the length needed here. You may check out a 15’x15’ for a minimum unobstructed area while having a junior 24” size that works great for smaller areas than the one used by the latter.

o   Pole Weight

Flirt poles offered are lightweight so it is way easier for you to handle it. It weighs less than a pound, which does not tire you easily.

o   Grip

Grip offered with these incredible flirt poles are all soft and non-slip. Also, they all come with a wrist strap for easy handling.

The Value

Whenever your pet dog is facing self-control issues, the help of a flirt pole is outstanding. This incredible equipment offers stunning benefits for both you and your pet. It is a great trainer to improve your pet’s coordination and impulse control. It also helps your furry best friend chase something at high speed without the need of distancing himself from you. Many dog owners are now purchasing this useful stuff not only to have it as a toy but also as a training device.

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