Tips to boost dog dental health


As dogs get older, plaque builds up on their teeth. Unless you have brushed your dog’s teeth since he was a puppy, he likely has at least one bad breath and discolored teeth. Once you notice this, take him to the vet for an accurate diagnosis. If your dog does not suffer from bleeding gums, gingivitis, or any other periodontal disease that requires professional cleaning and an expensive bill, thank your lucky star and start taking care of his teeth at home.

This procedure may take some time to master. Some dogs can accept it quickly and easily, others will resist more and will need a lot of patience and praise. Incidentally, all of this information also applies to cleaning cats’ teeth.

The goal is to remove plaque from your teeth before it has a chance to mineralize and form stones. It’s not true that dry dog ​​food prevents tartar, or that many chews and bones will remove it. The best way to clean your dog’s teeth is to brush them daily. Dog toothpaste, sprays, and gels are now available, as well as toothbrushes the size of your dog’s muzzle. It is important to note that, unlike humans, only the outside of the tooth needs to be brushed, as well as when using kirkland dental chews.

Once the dog is comfortable and sits close to you, put some gel or toothpaste on your finger, and with your other hand, pull its upper lip back. He passed all the teeth quickly, then stopped and congratulated him. Repeat this on the lower lip and also on the other side. This is best done after your last evening drink. When you feel your dog is comfortable with this new habit, insert a soft toothbrush and gently brush a tooth or two in a circular motion, making sure the bristles are away from the gum line. If your dog is hesitant to allow a toothbrush to enter his mouth, try a finger brush.

Frequent brushing followed by praise and playtime will turn into a fun time. Your dog will be looking forward to cleaning and this new habit will benefit both of you. Gum disease can spread harmful bacteria to different parts of the body if neglected, leading to serious health problems. You wouldn’t want this for your best friend.

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