Importance of the Pre-sale Inspection of Buildings

building inspections

The pre-sale control of the building is quite simple. This is not an evasive visual inspection of the building. The purpose of this procedure is also simple. This is done to assure the prospective home buyer that he will buy the house without any apparent structural damage or problem. This is the domestic version of the “test drive” before buying. The inspectors will look for any serious damage to the house. In the end, nobody wants to buy a house to discover that in a few months they will have to spend a lot of money on repairs or rebuilding the house.

 However, there are some things that must be understood, which include the inspection of buildings.

Most preliminary building inspections will look for minor and serious defects. It should be remembered here that no house or building is ideal, and there will always be this or that problem. The question that new buyers will have to ask themselves is what kind of problem they may face or face. There will always be unexpected problems with the repair of any used building. The conclusion is that no buyer should cancel the transaction if minor problems arise. All buildings will have planned maintenance and problems that must be addressed. Most of them will be easy and relatively cheap to manage. It is not realistic to expect the seller to solve all the small problems with the building.

building inspections

The true concern of the buyer should be to determine if there are serious problems with the building that could affect its market value or, worse, cause damage or damage to its residents. The building, which measures about 2000 square meters. Feet, the cost of the check can range between 200 and 600 dollars. Inspections should always be carried out by a professional who complies with national standards of practice and ethics. In general, the inspector is not required to do anything that could be potentially dangerous, such as digging, inspecting pipes and walking on sloping roofs.


The inspector’s job is to inspect the entire building from the foundations to the roof. There will be hundreds of parts to consider, and the time you take will depend entirely on the age and size of the house. It is likely that older homes have obsolete items that take longer to inspect. In most situations, it is not possible to inspect every small element of the building. In this case, it will be clearly indicated in the contract and the reasons will be given. The best thing to do in this case is to speak directly with the inspector and eliminate any doubts.

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