How to arrange a contemporary interior for a family with children? Tips from London interior designers

Arranging a flat for a family with a child is a special challenge. In such an arrangement, convenience and functionality play a special role, which is why it is so important to take care of details. How to arrange a contemporary interior to be both stylish and practical at the same time? Here are some tips from London interior designers from one of the best contemporary interior design company in London: .

How to arrange a living room for a family with a child?

Most contemporary interior designers agree that when furnishing a flat for a family with a child, the needs of all household members should be taken into account. It is important to child-proof the elements that are dangerous for the child, such as the sockets or the edges of the cabinets and tables. For small children, it is particularly important to select furniture and accessories made of materials resistant to damage and dirt. Currently, the most popular arrangements in contemporary house design in the UK are in shades of white and grey. This season, wooden elements are very fashionable – they add a specific climate to the interiors and create a cosy atmosphere. No less important are accessories – decorative pillows, flower pots or a fluffy carpet, on which you can enjoy playing with children. You cannot forget about wall decorations. After all, the living room is, not only according to the London contemporary interior designers, the most representative room in the house. A unique painting will surely decorate the wall, giving the interior of the living room a new expression and style!

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Arranging a family kitchen

Undoubtedly, the arrangement of a flat for a family with a child requires proper preparation and adaptation to the needs of both older and younger household members. In the case of kitchens, it is important that it is not only functional but also safe for children. A great solution is to choose an open kitchen that not only gives the impression of a greater space but also allows you to observe what is happening in the living room. A good idea is also a kitchen island that perfectly separates the kitchen from the living room and, what is important, is slightly higher than a traditional kitchen table. Thanks to this we have greater certainty that the toddler will not be able to reach the tableware. Many contemporary interior designers also agree that it is worth choosing a washable paint from which you can easily remove any dirt. Scandinavian or classic kitchens with bright colours predominate in contemporary house design in the UK. Bright colours will enlarge the interior optically, so it’s a great choice for a small kitchen.

Family bathroom arrangement

When arranging a bathroom for a family with a child, you have to, first and foremost, go with convenience and functionality. If you like taking long baths and your bathroom is large, you can choose a bathtub. Certainly, a bathtub is a great option for a family with a child. However, many London contemporary interior designers advise against going with a bathtub in a small space – a shower cabin will be a much better choice here. It is also important to choose the right mirror. The smaller the space is, the bigger the mirror should be – it will optically enlarge the bathroom. An important role in arranging a bathroom is also played by adequate lighting. Many contemporary interior designers will also agree that the proper lighting can make the bathroom even more cosy and atmospheric.


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