Which golf trolley should you buy?

Buying a golf trolley is the biggest purchase that you will make after buying a set of golf clubs. It is important to take the right decision while buying a golf trolley. There are different types of trolley that includes a manual pull or push trolley or electric trolley. Each has different functions. Nowadays, electric golf trolley became the preferred choice for most people. Because it reduces the strain of carrying your golf or pushing a manual trolley. Alphard Golf is the best place to buy an electric golf trolley. But it is essential to consider what works for you and your game.

Different types of golf trolleys:      

When it comes to golf trolleys, there are three different types of a trolley that are available to buy. The three types of golfs include push trolleys, pull trolleys and electric trolleys.

Push and pull trolleys:

These are trolleys are manually powered with push trolleys being pushed from one hole to the next. The main difference between the push and pull trolley is the wheels. The pull trolleys have two and push trolley with an extra wheel. These types are greater for flatter courses. It is more compact and can be easily fit into storage. But it suited to carry only small golf cart bags. It can be tiring to push around the course.

Electric trolleys:

Electric trolleys are highly recommended if your course is particularly hills, making it harder to push your trolley around. The golf buggies electric are easier to use, and it comes with some additional features. Hence, it is advised to use electric golf buggies than manual powered trolleys.

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