Lie detection tests are gaining popularity with time. But still, there are many such people who are not ready to accept such tests. The reasons may be varied. The process of lie detection seems to be an easy one, but only a few know how many challenges need to be faced by the examiners who are handling such cases. So, the challenges require a lot of patience and power of the mind to be dealt. Only the challenging examiners can face such challenges.

process of lie detection


Sometimes the cases before being published in the media are added with spices. This is a very wrong thing. Some of the media sources misuse the tests and prove something totally wrong with the companies which can be very misleading. This will give the public a wrong notion about the companies which deal with the cases so efficiently. So, these days the companies are also smart enough to prove to the public that the media sources are lying and highlighting something baseless by proving it with the techniques. This sounds to be very funny, but to be true, this is a very effective step.


The lie detection tests are absolutely not an easy one to be tackled. There are many challenges that are faced by the examiners before setting the test.

  1. Any kind of interaction between the person and the examiner that has a crooked reference to the subject of the lie can affect the lie detector test.
  2. The examiner needs to be very precise with the point wise interpretation of the whole process. If the points get a bit deviated from the subject, the results may get affected. This happens so because the tests require a deep concentration.
  3. Some guilty people are smart enough to prove the detection standards to be totally a false one by unwanted practices like biting cheeks and tickling themselves.
  4. The condition may turn out to be a reverse one at times. Some people are too innocent and they behave in such a weird manner because they are not used to see such technical setup. This proves that the person is lying and he may be proved to be a guilty candidate.
  5. Some individuals are too anxious and fight their ways to get the results soon enough because they cannot hold their emotions about what shall be the result. Such abnormal behaviors prove to be very challenging on behalf of the examiners.
  6. Some people find it quite uncomfortable to be seated in front of the examiners and rather present movements in response to uneasiness. Such movements are not at all desirable. Though the examiners constantly try controlling them, the test results may prove to be wrong.

Though there are many challenges coming in the way of the examiners who try to add values to the test as a whole, they are always ready to face such challenges and bring out the truth. This is the great willpower that definitely makes everything so easy. We can only expect for the best improvement s in such faithful ways to curb crimes that can provide justice to many innocent people.

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