Planning a camping trip? Remember to carry a survival kit

Camping for some is the ultimate getaway from all the hustle and bustle of a daily mundane lifestyle. You follow your heart to fulfill your yearnings. Venturing out with a group or at least a couple of friends is advisable as one would never know what lurks in the wilderness!

Of course you need to have a plan, with the destination, number of days spend camping, travelling, stopovers, maps and mode of transportation that will finally take you to your final spot ready!  The terrain and the weather should be considered and you should get yourself equipped with the necessary requirement for food, clothes and equipment.

Stocking up the supplies

The person in charge of his responsibility should see that all requirements needed for his department are well stocked up, be it in the arena of installing camps that require, tents, installing tools and equipment, or cooking that would require ingredients, cooking gear and service dishes. Similarly the person handling the transport and driving should be able to foresee and be ready for any eventualities.  Each group member should have requisite supplies of personal requirements and clothes. Winters or cold conditions need bonfires, blankets etc., and it would be a plus point to stock up on these supplies too.

The success of your trip depends on many factors and one of them is stocking up the important essential items and the best survival medical kit that will let you stay prepared for any emergencies. Swiss knives, cotton, antiseptics, sanitizer, antibiotics, burn gel, instant heat and cold pack and lot more.

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