Payment process for the cleaning services offered by the workers

Payment process for the cleaning services

If you have any particular directions to clean your home, then you can inform us in advance. After the company renders the service, then the customers will be charged for the service by entering their card information. You should agree to the terms and conditions of our San Diego Maid Service privacy policy if you want to book the cleaning services from our company. The email receipt will be received by the customers instantly on the day when the service is rendered. The company does not accept cash or checks in the payment process. You can have the best cleaning experience when you hire the cleaning services from our company. You will be satisfied with the services offered by our company as we provide the guarantee for our services.

quote for cleaning services

Estimate or quote for cleaning services:

Some people may not have enough time to clean their homes as they are busy in taking care of other pressing matters. You can schedule a cleaning today if you want our maids to perform the cleaning tasks at your home. An in-house estimate is also required for the house cleaning services at every house in San Diego. The cleaning services are offered at our company with fair and affordable prices so that you will not require an estimate or quote for the cleaning services. The online booking form is very convenient for the customers who want to opt for the cleaning services at our company. The extra services are offered for the bedrooms and bathrooms as per the choice of our customers at San Diego Maid Service. The professional cleaners will also help you to understand the different cleaning options and methods.

Recleaning your home by workers:

The customers are satisfied with the high standards of the quality of service offered by our company. If you are not happy with the cleaning services of our company, then we will send someone back to reclean your home. The refund will be provided to the customers who are not satisfied with the cleaning services which we offer at our company. You can refer our services to your friends if you are happy with the quality of our cleaning services. You should get the right cleaning company to perform the cleaning at your home. If you are not able to handle the dirty work at your home, then you can give a try by hiring our services.

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