Teaching the children the art of analyzing a particular situation

game of candy crush and bubble shooter teaching

To first solve the problem you will need to analyze the given situation, only then you will be able to come up with ways to solve the problem. To teach these to the younger set of people, the website http://ugofs.weebly.com/ has come with the sort of games that concentrate mainly on this aspect as such. Teaching kids is one of the most painful jobs, but if you can master the art to teach them the way they like then there is no better teacher than you. The website ugofs.weebly.com believes that teaching the kids through what they love doing is the best way to teach, especially when it comes to the children. Hence, the website employed the method of teaching the kids that they most love of play. Here is an insight of how the website ended up teaching the kids about analyzing the situation and actually succeeded in doing it as such:

appearance of the game matters


The game of candy crush and bubble shooter teaching the kids how to analyze the situation:

Actually, candy crush and bubble shooter are based on the same concept but the only difference is where the appearance of the game matters. Candy crush is the newer version of the game while bubble shooter is slightly the older version of the concept.

Considering candy crush, the game is all about blasting the same kind of candies and finish all the candies in the least possible moves as such. For achieving this, you will have to first analyze the kind and the grid of candies that you are presented with. Only once you have a clear idea on how to move about, you should be taking the step forward and blasting the candies and even one wrong move after you have started the game will get you into trouble once you have made it to that particular point.

Here, in the game, you have to be picture perfect and flawless regarding the plan that you have chosen to adopt. In the same way, when it comes to making bigger life decisions, even one wrong decision that you make might take you to the wrong destination. Therefore, when you are declaring the decision you should have had a clear cut plan of what you are going to do and only then you should opt on proceeding further. This is the value that the website tries to portray through the game.

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