Indian Cuisine Is Popular Among Foodies

There is a vast array of dishes to serve in Indian cuisine that belongs to different communities. It’s being influenced from the neighboring countries too. Saffron spices and chilies are some of the basic ingredients of the Indian cuisine. The popularity of these foods is not only confined to India, it’s been spread to foreign countries like US and UK.

Types of Indian cuisine

Mughlai cuisine

Influenced from the Kitchen s of the Mughal, the dish developed in the medieval time in India. This cuisine is heavily marked by its unique aroma and the food is generally spicy and rich. Some of the signature dishes which has gained huge liking in the country and even outside India are-Musallam, kebabs, Malai kofta, Boti kebabs Mughlai, Rezala and many more to list that are bound to tempt the enthusiasts to crave for more.

Punjabi cuisine

The food is associated with the Punjab region of India which is rich in tradition of cooking a variety of delicious dishes in their kitchen. Punjabi cuisine are rich in butter and ghee which makes the food more tempting and appetizing. Some of the fingers licking dishes in Punjabi cuisine are Tandoori chicken, Chole kulche, Paratha, Dal makani (black tentils), Aloo paratha with butter and endless list to mention.

Kashmiri cuisine

The cuisine is originated in Kashmir and is influenced by the parts of Afghanistan. Kashmiri dishes are made of full of yogurt, mutton and turmeric. Some noted Kashmiri dishes include Modur pulaav, Rogan josh, Yakhini (a yogurt based dish made with chicken),Harissa. Its popularity in comparison to other Indian cuisine is less.

Food influenced from Uttar Pradesh

Dishes of Uttar Pradesh is famous for some of interesting food items that includes Palak Paneer, Kofta, dum Biryani, Bharwan chicken masala and many more. The state carries a unique flavor in dishes and is famous for royally delicious Nawabi food.

Rajasthani cuisine

Influenced from the Rajputs of the Rajasthan and their lifestyle of that time, Rajasthani cuisine is famous both in national and international popularity among foodie. Some famous snacks are Bikaner Bhujia, Kachori, Baati-Churma, Gate ki sabji , Milk cakes and Mutton curry.

Indian cuisine is not only extremely tempting but it carries high nutrition value that is good for health. Some of the dishes like-Dhokla, Idli and lentils are considered as health foods. With the diversity in culture there are diverse cuisine options that you can find in Indian cuisine menu.

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