Self-defense classes for kids to Protect your precious children!

self defence classes for kids

Crime prevention measures for kindergartens, nursery schools, and schools. The importance of self defence classes for kids to protect children from danger.

Can you really protect children with the current crime prevention measures?

Kindergartens, nursery schools, and daycare centers take care of important children. In the unlikely event, that danger looms over children, protecting them is a top priority for kindergartens.

Self-diagnosis check of crime prevention measures

Self-diagnosis of crime prevention measures is very simple. Seriously consider the following questions: imagine that thugs and dangerous animals have invaded the park, and think about it carefully. If you can’t answer these three questions with confidence, you need to review your current crime prevention measures.

The reality of dealing with danger in the garden every day

Crisis management cannot be neglected in the day-to-day garden. If you break into the park, even if you call the police or ask the security company for help, it will take 10 to 20 minutes for them to arrive. In the meantime, the staff alone must protect the kindergarten children. The kindergarten children are too young to defend themselves. Only 100% of staff should ensure minimum safety.

Vigilance is also necessary outside the park

Actions outside the park, such as when taking walks or field trips, can also be dangerous. The number of staff is overwhelmingly small compared to a large number of kindergarten children. In recent years, indiscriminate street crimes targeting children and damage by wild dogs and wild boars, including bears, have become frequent. In the unlikely event of being attacked by thugs or dangerous animals, officials will need to deal with the danger immediately.

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