Buy your Dream House with the help of Berkshire Hathaway

rent to own homes

If you want to buy a house at San Antonio, then rent to own homes are here to help you. This company gives the great opportunity to buy your own home rather than spending money on renting a house. Many people are not aware of this company and its services of buying a home. If you’re also thinking of purchasing your own house at San Antonio and don’t want to pay the whole amount in one shot, then visit Berkshire Hathaway. From this company, you can buy an apartment, villa,and house by paying the amount in installments. This company purchases the house on behalf of you and gives you 3 years of the lease to pay the whole amount.

When buying a home with the help of rent to own homes, you have to provide them with a surety of down payment. This will give them a guarantee that you want to purchase the house. With the help of Berkshire Hathaway, you can change your dream of purchasing a home into a reality at San Antonio.

If you want to live in your  own San Antonio house without any landlord restrictions, then buy your own home with the help of Berkshire Hathaway. Everyone wants to live hassle-free in their own house. Grab this opportunity of buying your own home from Berkshire Hathaway.

rent to own homes


Some simple procedure of rent to own homes are given below:

  • Meet the realtor: At first, you have to visit the office and then meet with Ray McCurty, the realtor of this company.He will give you the proper information about the whole procedure of buying a home.
  • Lease application: You then have to fill the lease application for your home and wait for a couple of days. Once it is approved, you will get your chance ofpurchasing a home.
  • Search a home:After approving your lease application, the next step is to find a house in Texas. The realtor, Ray McCurty, stays with you for the whole time and guides you in finding the perfect home for you.
  • Agreement: Once you find your home, then you have to sign the deal where some terms and conditions are mentioned. Read all the terms and conditions before you sign because once you sign the agreement, you cannot breach that. In the agreement, all the details are mentioned like lease period, amount you have to pay, and many more. Ray McCurty stays with you the whole time during the procedure of finding and buying the home. If you have any doubt during the procedure to buy home at place like San Antonio, you can ask him or check their website.

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