Boardroom offers you an excellent opportunity in your life

The core of Boardroom HongKong is to accelerate accurate and reliable accounting-based services. They act as the backbone for achieving the business goals. The main focus of the boardroom is to deliver out the most comprehensive accounting-based services that help you to focus on accelerating the Hong Kong business forward.

What does this team offer? The team of a chartered accountant as well as the accounting professionals who belong to the boardroom would helps for ensuring and meeting your ever-changing business requirements.

What is their role?

  • They support the chart of accounts and report-based template set up.
  • The accounting entries, trial balance, and the statement that is designed for the financial position management reporting and analysis process would be carried out by them.
  • Assist in the annual auditing process that includes the liaison with auditors for attending the questions.
  • Support for preparing the consolidated accounts with multiple subsidiaries.

Hong Kong is considered one of the energetic and vibrant cities that are found in Asia. Its infrastructure would be outstanding. The Hong Kong company formation is not considered as a simple walk it happens within a matter of days. But doing this by you would create a confusing and costlier exercise. It would be in terms of both your time and resources. These services include,

  • The name of the company search.
  • Supports for business registration-based certificates.
  • CI stands for Certificate of Incorporations.
  • It holds out the company registration documentation.
  • It contains the articles of associations.
  • The company kit includes the company chops along with the company seals.

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