Top 10 Online Jobs That You Can Earn Good Money

With the economy seemingly worsening, and employment becoming an ever more difficult thing to come by, many people are turning to online jobs. There are hundreds of jobs you can do online. You just have to find the one that suits you. Even when you are not an expert, there are still so many possibilities. It’s not a secret why more people have switched to online employment.

Some years back, it was necessary for people to report to their place of work every day but with the advancement of technology, one can be able to work from the comfort of their home. Today, a qualified lawyer or a doctor in the U.S. can utilize the advancement of technology to become an online legal advisor and medical advisor respectively. Good writers, trained teachers, psychologists and many more others living in the U.S. are turning their careers into home based online businesses.

Online jobs are simple; you can earn money from home and work whatever hours you want. All you need is a computer, Wi-Fi connection and a headset if required.

But what online jobs are there? Which jobs would apply to you? Well, I’m going to discuss ten of the jobs you may dive into:

1. Online Legal Advice / Virtual Paralegal Services

A paralegal assistant gives advice to people when they face with legal issues. The truth is that many people do not have the luxury of keeping a personal legal advisor and when faced with a situation, the first place they will go to seek help is from an online legal advisor. Given that one can find themselves in a legal situation at any time, their availability at all times helps them earn a lot of money.

Online legal advice is a very sought after service. As the financial economy has worsened, people no longer want to waste money. Everyone is looking for a cheap option. Legal aid is among one of the most expensive services you can use. If someone finds themselves in a legal situation, but doesn’t want to pay the huge fees, what do they do?

You would need to be educated by law in order to offer this service, but potentially it is a very lucrative business model. You need to be a certified paralegal with some hands on experience to serve as a virtual paralegal. Considering the paralegal salary they get in an office job, you can also be making almost the same amount of money for online legal aid. It requires no overheads such as office costs, etc., but allows you to be self-employed and work on your schedule.

If you qualified in law, but either do not want to or cannot work in a law firm for any reason, then online legal advice is a fantastic option for you. It can be very lucrative, with a real demand starting to show. Don’t spend long hours chained to an office desk. Go online.

2. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is one of the most sought after online services, by small businesses. So much of the running of a business is done online. This means that lots of self-employed people, or small businesses don’t necessarily need a physical assistant to help them. What they need is someone to give them a helping hand with the online side of their business.

Most marketing for businesses is all digital now and can operate from anywhere with the use of a computer.

Some smaller companies don’t need many man hours, perhaps a little social media, some email marketing, etc. A business owner would sooner pay someone as a freelance assistant, to do a few hours, then pay a full-time assistant whose time may not be necessary.

The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can take on several clients for various different tasks. Some companies may require specific skills, but most will require very straightforward tasks such as social media. A virtual assistant mainly picks up the little bits that the business owner or individual employer do not have the time for themselves. If each client pays you for a few hours, then it’s a relatively small dent in their profits. If you can gain a few clients, then you have the means to earn a superb wage working from home, on your schedule.

3. Medical Advice

Gone are the days where you had to rush to the hospital when you faced a crisis. Medical advisors earn a lot by offering their services to organizations and individuals. They help organizations in coming up with materials for presentation and also go through publications to ensure that they are correct. They can do all this online, and they are well paid.

4. Authoring/Editing For Blogs

There are lots of opportunities for online writers. There is an increased listing for jobs involving writing, proofreading, and editing. People are hiring writers to help them with their blogs and paying good money for it. The job is easy because all one requires are the basic writing skills, and they can learn the rest as they continue with the job.

5. Teaching Online

The internet has made it possible for students to take their lessons online, and this has opened a chance for teachers who would want to teach from the comfort of their house. Depending on the number of students that the teacher has and the number of hours they spend teaching online, the teacher has the potential of earning huge salary.


Given the vast number of investors in the U.S. from different nationalities, there is an increasing need for translators. Advancement in technology has made it possible for people to hold conferences online even if they are in different countries. If your accent is good and is conversant with various languages, you stand a chance of making a six figure amount online.

7. Call Center Representative/Customer Service

The increase in demand for call center agents and small office spaces has led business owners to employ online call center representatives. They can answer your queries and direct you to the right people if you need to speak with a person high up the ladder. Most customer service agents are paid by the hour, and they make good money.

8. Transcribing

Converting audio and video to print is another online career that many people in the U.S. are taking up. Transcribing can take long hours and one need to be fully aware of every detail. Since there is not equipment that can correctly translate audio to text, transcribers are making huge amounts of money online.

9. Public Relations Specialists

A public relation specialist can offer their services online. They can advise you on how to improve your company’s image and the practices that you need to adopt in your business for it to succeed. Given that you might only require their help from time to time, most employees seek to engage them online. They charge by the hour and are well paid.

10. Therapy / Psychologists

You do not have to travel long distances to get the help of the therapist. They will take you through a step by step process to ensure that you recover. They can even offer demonstrations online on how to treat your medical condition. This is one career that is highly regarded and can be carried out from the comfort of the living room.

Psychologists are also highly sought after by people who want to keep it a secret that they are seeing a doctor. From one end, the doctor sits and listens to their patient and offer guidance. Many of the psychologists charge by the hour and end up making a lot of money.

You can make your way out of the above jobs and careers depending on your field and level of education. If you have a web presence as a personal blog or a business website, things will be much easier for you to find clients or jobs. Of course, the money you will earn will also depend on your negotiation power. Remember that, it is not always about what you know best, but promoting yourself the right way most of the time.

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